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Carp Winter Fishing Tips

If you like to fish for carp, quite possibly the best time of year to do it here in the UK is during the autumn/winter.

     Whether you are new to carp fishing, or you have been doing it your entire life, the following tips will help you catch more fish every time you cast. So, if you want to catch more carp this winter, let’s get started!

Carp Winter Fishing Tips

Start Later In The Day- during the winter, especially on really cold days, carp are more active later in the day. If you find that you aren’t catching anything early in the day, try again late afternoon.

Fish Up In The Water- carp seem to sit closer to the top of the water, even on especially cold days. Because of this, you should use zig rigs, pop-ups or pieces of rig foam at two-thirds depth to put your bait where the fish can see it.

Recast Regularly- winter carp fishing requires that you cast often. Try recasting every half hour or so if you don’t get any bites.

Dip Your Bait- carp really go for the taste and smell of your bait so try using a bait dips to make your bait more enticing and to attract more fish.

Focus On The Water- as soon as you see one carp show itself on the top of the water, cast in that area. Carp tend to stick together in groups and where you see one, chances are, there are many more.

Uncover Carp Location- by understanding the habits of carp, you can easily determine their location. Look for areas where they have some small undercut or fallen trees. These are prime carp spots where you will be able to catch more fish. You can also watch your pond fish to learn their habits and see where they like to hang out.

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