“I bought my spotonfish at The Big One show, Stoneleigh.

The following week me and two friends went on a 3 day session at our syndicate water, we fished 3 rods at 102yds, 3 at 86yds and 3 at 81yds using spotonfish to set all line lengths. As well as others during our session I bagged a long time target Carp!

We found spotonfish easy to use, less hassle and so much faster than wrapping up using distance sticks, no counting wraps, forgetting then starting again, etc. It’s easy to use at night and is brilliant and maximises your baits time in the water with less messing around at the bank.

We fish a lot of old quarries / big pits where pegs are narrow, tight and overgrown so for that side of our fishing it is absolutely perfect. We also fish at big well kept fisheries where there’s plenty of room but spotonfish is so much faster and hassle free compared to wrapping up, it’s perfect for anywhere you intend to go fishing.  As to the battery life – to say i was over-impressed would be a complete understatement, they just go on and on!

spotonfish really should be in everyone’s kit bag.

Fantastic product – we love it.”

– Customer Review (SS), Northampton, UK, April 2019


“this is a high tech alternative to the time-honoured practice of using distance sticks, and one that assures complete accuracy every time”

– Carpology, February 2019







“feel like i’ve owned it for months, it’s that easy to use”

“it’s accurate and fast, this will retrieve 100m of line in a minute”

– Carpology TV, January 2019



“if you like to keep your angling hassle free and fish accurately and effectively, then this tool is really worth the investment for the hassle it saves you”

“a new and exciting piece of tech that is set to make wrapping sticks a thing of the past”

– Total Carp, October 2018







“welcome to the digital age”

“there ain’t nothing like it, and for me it’s simple #itsagamechanger”

– Carl Sheppard, September 2018 – Visit my YouTube channel





“over 100m of line in under a minute and all at the press of a button!”

– Carpworld, August 2018








“really good bit of kit, you can never do that with the marker sticks”

“if you’re going to a venue where you’re going to have a big hit of carp, then this is definitely the tool for you”

“if you want to fish with accuracy and speed, it’s definitely worth the money”

Tackle & Baits, August 2018


“using distance sticks for marking out your rods is a pain, there’s a much quicker solution coming your way”

“particularly useful in tricky weather and at night”

– Anglers Mail, January 2018