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Why Spotonfish Should Replace Your Distance Sticks And Become Your Favourite Piece Of Gear

Distance sticks have been used by anglers for some time and, while purposeful, they do have their limitations. If you are scratching your head trying to figure out just what exactly distance sticks are and how they are used, you are not alone. For something so simple, distance sticks are often met with confusion by new anglers.

     We are going to take a look at distance sticks, what they are and what they are used for, as well as showing you an innovative new device that is easier to use, more accurate and that does a lot more besides. Let’s get started!

What Are Distance Sticks?

     So, just what are distance sticks and what are they used for? distance sticks are two equal length sticks that you can purchase or fabricate yourself. To use distance sticks, you simply place them in the ground and wrap your clipped line to measure the length of the fishing line. Why would you need to know this information? By knowing the length of your fishing line, you will know just how far you have cast and can repeat that to other rods. That way, if you find a good spot that you want to cast to again, you will already have the information you need to cast in the same area.

     In fact, when compared to the most popular methods of measuring line distance, distance sticks are NOT as accurate as walking the line out or using Spotonfish. Spotonfish has been developed to be more accurate than 1cm in 1000 cm which is much more than you really need but if the technology is available to you, why not take advantage of it?

Pros Of Distance Sticks

  • You don’t need to walk out or cast to re-find a tape marker and low price.
  • You can remember precisely where the spots you’ve found are.

Cons Of Distance Sticks

  • Old and less accurate method of recording line length.
  • You still have to calculate the distance yourself.
  • Distance sticks only serve one purpose.
  • Not as useful in dark or low light conditions.
  • The line for the last wrap is often a guess.
  • There is a small difference in each wrap in the horizontal distance.

     This is where the Spotonfish device comes in handy. The developer of Spotonfish has tested his product by personally measuring more than 10000 lines of varying lengths from 50m to 200m over a 6 year time span to ensure the highest degree of accuracy. This ensures that Spotonfish is the best product available when it comes to measuring distance and increasing your casting accuracy. The gadget does everything that distance sticks do but automatically. Plus, Spotonfish has a wide range of high tech features. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of Spotonfish:

Pros Of Spotonfish

  • Easy to use.
  • Automatically calculates line length and distance for you.
  • Modern, accurate and speedy method.
  • Can be used in dark or low light conditions.
  • You can more accurately and easily repeat a clipped line.

Cons Of Spotonfish

  • Slight tenderness in shoulder and upper arm from catching so many fish.
  • Pricey yes but should last you your entire fishing life.

     As you can see, there really are no drawbacks to using the modern, accurate method of casting your bait right where you want it. So ditch those outdated distance sticks and catch more fish with Spotonfish today!

Contact Spotonfish

     To learn more about casting accuracy and how the Spotonfish can help increase your success, contact Spotonfish today!

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